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Security Linux News for May 17, 2000

  • ZDNet: Microsoft's 'Clippy' a security nightmare? (May 17, 2000, 22:57)
    "The hole, which allows an attacker to write a script that can do anything once on a user's computer, gets activated by clicking on a Web page or HTML-enabled e-mail."

  • Watching Your Logs - How to automate your log filtering (May 17, 2000, 20:08)
    "However, logs can be extremely copious, quickly overwhelming us with information. Soon they become useless files that just fill up disk space. This article will cover how to solve this by automating the filtering of your logs, freeing up your time while alerting you with the information you need."

  • Globe and Mail: E-beast on the rampage [MS?] (May 17, 2000, 16:00)
    "It was at this cusp in BillCo's corporate history that an unfortunate occurrence unfortunately occurred. One of the most popular of its many products contains an innovative feature -- ironically, one of the few genuinely original features ever offered by BillCo -- called "scripting," which unfortunately is really not a feature but a bug. A gaping security flaw, in fact, begging to be exploited..."

  • Unix's poor Internet Security Reputation (May 17, 2000, 12:56)
    "Finding and repairing... misconfigured and unneeded services is one of the most important and neglected tasks involved in securing a Unix Internet server."

  • ZDNet: And The Loser Is ... (May 17, 2000, 11:29)
    "But, before the Linux fans start popping open their champagne bottles, they'll be horrified to know that the different distributions aggravate problems almost matched NT and were much higher than other operating systems covered such as the BSDs, Solaris and Windows 95/98."

  • ZDNet: MS again slammed on security (May 17, 2000, 05:13)
    "Experts question robustness of Windows scripting system after discovery of hole that lets intruders break in via 'back door.' "

  • Wired: Critics Blast MS Security (May 17, 2000, 00:00)
    "If you're a Windows 2000 user, be warned: Your security software may not work the way you think it does."