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Security Linux News for Jun 26, 2000

  • PRNewswire: eWEEK Challenges Public to Hack Web Site (2000-06-26 22:01:24)
    "Openhack.com will allow visitors to attempt to crack security on a large corporate Web site for the following operating systems: Solaris, Windows 2000, Windows NT, OpenBSD and Linux."

  • RootPrompt.org: Intrusion Detection: Knowing when someone is knocking on your door (2000-06-26 18:59:23)
    "Your network is being scanned for vulnerabilities. This may happen only once a month or twice a day, regardless, there are people out there probing your network and systems for weaknesses."

  • Librenix: Benificial Computer Viruses (2000-06-26 17:23:27)
    "An article on last week's front page of SecurityPortal... contains an alarming suggestion. It proposes that we..."Develop antiviral viruses (antibodies) that are polymorphic and mobile. Roaming the Internet they would seek out and destroy new viral strains. ..." There are several problems with this idea."

  • Linux.com: Post Installation (2000-06-26 10:44:41)
    "Not every Linux user has the time, devotion or patience needed in order to become an apt, security-minded Linux user. Fortunately there are a few simple steps that, if followed, can increase the integrity and security of a network-connected Linux system."

  • Security Portal: Shredding Access in the Name of Security: Set UID Audits (2000-06-26 09:27:18)
    "Almost every time I read an article on securing a Unix/Linux box, I find a glaring omission. They all discuss turning off unneeded services, like ftp and telnet, but rarely do they cover the next step of performing a SUID audit."

  • Security Portal: Weekly Linux Security Roundup - 2000/06/19 to 2000/06/25 (2000-06-26 09:21:01)
    "Mandrake also wins (hands down) the "easiest distribution to break into remotely" and "easiest distribution to break into locally", having finally released 8 fixes for very severe security bugs in 7.1 (their latest, not so greatest distribution). They still haven't got a central site for updates either, good luck finding them."

  • LinuxSecurity.com: Linux Security Week, June 26th 2000 (2000-06-26 09:11:35)
    "Multiple vendors released fixes for the serious wu-ftpd vulnerability. The problem exists in wu-ftpd's handling of the SITE EXEC command. The default configuration of wu-ftpd is vulnerable to remote users gaining root access."