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Security Linux News for Jul 03, 2000

  • Linux Journal: Medusa DS9 Security System [Review] (Jul 03, 2000, 22:08)
    "The basic idea behind Medusa is really simple. Before execution of certain operations, the kernel asks the authorization server (Constable) for confirmation. The authorization server then permits, forbids or changes the operation. ... In this way, an administrator can create his own security model, which can complete or override the original UNIX model."

  • Linux, A Full-time Job (Jul 03, 2000, 14:00)
    "Now that the 2.4 kernels are close to being distributed, I can't help but realize how demanding Linux can be when it comes to keeping relatively current with the news, applications, security and projects that seem to show face every day."

  • Linux Security Week, July 3rd 2000 (Jul 03, 2000, 11:15)
    "This week, several other vendors released patches for the wu-ftp vulnerability. If you're not already familiar with this problem, it exists in wu-ftpd's handling of the SITE EXEC command. The default configuration of wu-ftpd is vulnerable to remote users gaining root access. Also, SuSE released a kernel update to fix the capabilities problem in 2.2.x < 2.2.16."