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Security Linux News for Jul 31, 2000

  • LinuxWorld: Illuminating shadow passwords - What the software is, how to get it, how to use it (Jul 31, 2000, 23:27)
    "Why shadow passwords? Simply put, the shadow password scheme addresses the major shortcoming of the original Unix password-handling scheme, the fact that the password list was stored as a world-readable file."

  • Freedom: What it Really Is (Jul 31, 2000, 22:55)
    "When most people think that Linux is free, they perceive it to be as in a gift; While it is certainly free in that respect, there is something even more important about it. This is about the difference between free speech, and free beer."

  • Red Hat Security Advisory: New netscape packages available to fix JPEG problem (Jul 31, 2000, 20:59)
    "New netscape packages are available that fix a potential overflow due to improper input verification in netscape's JPEG processing code. It is recommended that users of netscape update to the fixed packages."

  • Secure your box (Jul 31, 2000, 16:58)
    "This article starts off a series of articles geared towards securing your system. After being asked plenty of times "How can I secure my system?" I figured it was time for a series like this one. These articles are generally geared towards new users, but might serve as a reference to the experienced too."

  • Linux Security Week, July 31, 2000 (Jul 31, 2000, 08:59)
    "This week, advisories for gpm, man, dhcp-client, Zope, openldap, BitchX, pam, and nfs-utils were released. DHCP-client and nfs-utils vulnerabilities can both theoretically be used to gain remote root access."

  • Security Portal: How Do I Tighten Security on My System? (Jul 31, 2000, 08:54)
    "Hardening" a system is the practice of making that system much harder to crack. I like to think that this involves steps not only to prevent break-ins, but also to detect them when they happen."

  • Security Portal: Weekly Linux Security Digest 2000/07/24 to 2000/07/30 (Jul 31, 2000, 08:47)
    "This does bring up the topic, however, of finding files and directories with improper permissions. Generally speaking, a file should only be writeable by the owner, very rarely the group, and almost never any other. You can use find -perm to locate these files and directories. The other problem is in Netscape - there is a potential vulnerability in the jpg handling code."