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Security Linux News for Aug 12, 2000

  • O'Reilly Network: Linux for Security Applications [Firewalls] (2000-08-12 21:43:09)
    "Firewalls seem to be the stuff of legend in the IT community. Everyone has one because they're afraid of system crackers, viruses, and other nefarious things, but very few people know what a firewall is, let alone how to construct one."

  • European Unix Platform (EUP): Book Review: Database Nation (2000-08-12 13:08:46)
    "The books shows very lightly (with anecdotes) what actually can happen if (on purpose or by accident) sensitive and private information is treated improperly. ...the author shows us exactly *what* goes wrong and also *where* it goes wrong, what can be done about it or what should have been done about it."

  • Debian Security Advisory: new version of zope released (2000-08-12 00:55:29)
    "On versions of Zope prior to 2.2beta1 it was possible for a user with the ability to edit DTML can gain unauthorized access to extra roles during a request."