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Security Linux News for Aug 16, 2000

  • Trustix security advisory - apache-ssl (2000-08-16 18:30:01)
    "Due to a typo in the rpm spec file for apache-ssl, /usr/sbin/httpsd on a Trustix system will be installed with mode 756 instead of 755, making a binary file that will be run by root world writable. It should not be necessary to explain why this is an extremely bad thing."

  • LinuxPR: The Only Indian participant at Linux World Expo - moreLinux.com (2000-08-16 14:55:05)
    "With a 400 sq. ft stall, moreLinux.com will be showcasing its products and services, which are Linux or open source based. The company will also be launching its cost effective log analyzer product & service- Qtraffic - at this expo."

  • Funky-Penguin: A daft assertion (2000-08-16 12:35:00)
    "A multi-billion dollar business exists with little other purpose than to protect Microsoft operating systems from their inherent vulnerabilities, vulnerabilities that would not be possible on a Posix-compliant Unix, namely self-activating modules that can access any part of the operating system. These systems are not open source and users have to wait months for non-specific upgrades and service packs."

  • Canada Computes: Secure and protect your Linux desktop (2000-08-16 01:31:03)
    "...after installing Linux and having been using the Internet for two months from it, I discovered that Telnet was open. Since I had a test account with the password "test", my system had, not just a welcome mat, but a mat with the key under it.

  • CNET News.com/Gartner: Commentary: Microsoft lacks motivation to change security (2000-08-16 00:08:14)
    "Microsoft's development process has not fundamentally changed with respect to security. ... For Microsoft, the top priority is getting products out the door, and the marketing department can diffuse any security problems once a product has shipped."