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Security Linux News for Aug 23, 2000

  • LinuxSecurity.com: Complete Reference Guide to Creating a Remote Log Server (2000-08-23 22:06:51)
    "A remote log server is nothing more then a system preconfigured at install-time to provide hard drive space for other systems to log to. This system must be completely secured and locked down."

  • Techweb: How Secure Are You? (2000-08-23 21:23:45)
    "For example, the Common Gateway Interfaces in Web server software can supply hackers with root access to the server. Every copy of the Apache open-source Web server--nearly two-thirds of installed Web servers--comes with these vulnerabilities."

  • Government Computing News: Linux not ready for DOD prime time (2000-08-23 21:08:03)
    "Proponents want to keep the Linux core open by posting source code online and letting anyone have a crack at modifying it, which could represent a security compromise for military systems for command, control, communications, computers and intelligence."

  • Security Portal: Security Techniques and Survivability (2000-08-23 20:59:22)
    "The same applies to cars. I don't care how sophisticated your car door's lock is -- I can just smash the window in with a brick."

  • Security Portal: Firewalls - Overview (2000-08-23 20:38:54)
    "A firewall is generally a separator and protector between one thing and another. Traditionally used in building to help contain fires and prevent their rapid spread, the modern firewall is a computer running software allowing it to filter information passing through."

  • LinuxNewbie.org: Getting and Installing Command Line PGP (2000-08-23 14:51:58)
    "The following is a description of how I got a Linux version of the PGP encryption program, how I installed it, and a few observations about quirks in the program."

  • SuSE Security Announcement: Netscape (2000-08-23 13:35:43)
    "Improper verification in Netscape's jpeg processing code can lead to a buffer overflow where data read from the network can overwrite memory....Due to an error in the java implementation in Netscape, it is possible for an attacker to view files and directories with the priviledges of the user running Netscape if the user visits a malisciously crafted webpage."