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Security Linux News for Aug 25, 2000

  • LinuxNewbie.org: How to create a Secure Install (2000-08-25 17:01:21)
    "I can't stress enough that security is an important and ongoing concern, one that starts with installing and configuring your system as a stand alone box (so that it can't get hacked before you harden it), continues with constant attention to security holes and fixes, and then never ends."

  • InfoWorld: Pretty Good Privacy flaw reported (2000-08-25 06:44:31)
    "Schneier, and a group of other cryptographers predicted the exact type of problem that PGP now faces in a paper they wrote in 1997, when the U.S. government was pushing for key escrow, raising the ire of civil libertarians and many software firms in the process."

  • Caldera Systems Security Advisory: ld.so unsetenv problem (2000-08-25 06:08:45)
    "A bug has been discovered in ld.so that could allow local users to obtain super user privilege."