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Security Linux News for Sep 09, 2000

  • TurboLinux Security Announcement: glibc-2.1.2-17 and earlier (2000-09-09 20:02:30)
    "There have been two major security vulnerabilities involving glibc, one involving ld.so and unsetenv that allows local user's to gain root privileges due to environment variables not getting cleared out in some circumstances. Another vulnerability is lack of good checking on the locale file specification which can be set to a file provided by an attacker to crash an application and gain root access."

  • Security Portal: Weekly Security Tools Digest 2000/09/01 to 2000/09/07 (2000-09-09 19:15:00)
    "UNIX based tools include PIKT - a multi-functional tool for monitoring systems, Pdump, a perl packet sniffer, and GASP, a protocol encoder/decoder."

  • Upside: Primed and ready (2000-09-09 18:31:02)
    "Because the patent only applies inside the U.S., non-U.S. users simply could download a library package that included RSA functionality via OpenBSD's Canadian servers. U.S. users could, too, provided they were willing to run the risk of antagonizing RSA Security's lawyers."

  • RootPrompt.org: Amateur Fortress Building in Linux Part 1 (2000-09-09 16:00:22)
    "The first step is flushing inetd down the drain and replacing it with tcpserver."