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Security Linux News for Sep 12, 2000

  • Linux.com: The Time Machine: Linux Scales (2000-09-12 21:02:48)
    "Other operating environments strive for different goals. The Windows family, for instance, by attempting to cater to the lowest common denominator of user, sacrifices stability, security and long-term usability at the altar of short-term usability and profits."

  • PRNewswire: Acrylis Inc., Launches WhatifLinux Personal Edition (2000-09-12 20:22:59)
    "New Service Aimed At Single User Open Source Systems Offers Decision Support Analysis Designed To Ensure Fast, Reliable Linux Management."

  • Security Portal: Firewalls: What To Block (2000-09-12 19:42:00)
    "Oddly enough, this is something many people don't think about a whole lot. In some cases, you can simply deny everything and have a few specific allow rules, resulting in a pretty tight configuration. However, you will more likely have specific blocking rules and allow most other things."

  • Toronto Star: Vandals up attacks on Linux Web pages (2000-09-12 14:29:16)
    "According to statistics gathered by security research group Attrition, Linux-based Web sites are four times more likely to suffer online vandalism than just three months ago."

  • ZDTV.com: Internet Kung Fu: Secure Your PC (2000-09-12 06:57:03)
    "Many users think only Unix gurus with ponytails who bungee-jump can secure computers."

  • Conectiva Linux Security Announcement - pam_smb (2000-09-12 05:46:09)
    "There is a buffer overflow in pam_smb versions 1.1.5 and below that could be exploited to gain root privileges. This package is not used by default in Conectiva Linux, but it is part of the distribution."

  • Debian Security Advisory: New version of libpam-smb released (2000-09-12 05:39:16)
    "libpam-smb contains a buffer overflow that can be used to execute arbitrary commands with root privilege. libpam-smb was not shipped with Debian 2.1 (slink), but was included in Debian 2.2 (potato)."