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Security Linux News for Sep 15, 2000

  • Security Portal: Weekly Security Tools Digest 2000/09/08 to 2000/09/14 (2000-09-15 19:51:00)
    "Linux/Unix Based Tools include pdump, several Linux kernel modules, capsel, banner, nabou, aph, lids, guardog."

  • TVMinder: TiVo is One Jack Short (2000-09-15 12:56:33)
    "Now that people's appetites are whetted to the potential of computer-augmented television, I'm betting that this limitation will drive TiVo Inc. into a world of dissatisfaction, competition, co-option, and if they're not careful, marginalization. I'm not buying TiVo, because TiVo pisses me off. TiVo Inc. put an open system in a closed box."

  • ZDNet: Linux users say SDMI contest a trick (2000-09-15 08:41:01)
    "Linux lovers say the record industry is only using the hackers as a "free consulting" service to help it crack down on legal uses of music in the future, in an attempt to exert unprecedented control over when and where people play songs."