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Security Linux News for Sep 16, 2000

  • Linux Journal: Using Postfix for Secure SMTP Gateways (2000-09-16 22:04:02)
    "This article is intended to bring you up to speed quickly on how to use postfix on your network as a secure means of receiving e-mail from and delivering it to Internet hosts. In particular we'll focus on deploying postfix on firewalls, in DMZs and in other settings in which it will be exposed to contact with untrusted systems."

  • Linux Journal: A Few Recipes for Easier Firewalls (2000-09-16 22:04:00)
    "Security, as you know, is very serious business indeed. Every day, we hear of damage caused by viruses, of new exploits through which crackers compromise systems. For those of us in the information technology restaurant business, these are challenging times. We must be ever vigilant. A good firewall, then, is an excellent beginning. But how to do it simply is the question, non?"

  • RootPrompt.org: Amateur Fortress Building in Linux Part 2 (2000-09-16 21:12:58)
    "Of course, deep down there is always some potential for catastrophic security hole - in the TCP stack, the kernel, whatever. There is no alternative to accepting that, at some time, the worst happens and the only way out is to get things patched as quickly as possible. I can live with that. I just don't want it to be a biweekly event."

  • MSNBC: Hackers Amass New Zombie Army (2000-09-16 15:05:11)
    "Most of the compromised computers were Red Hat Linux machines running the basic, default configuration, Poule said. Linux is one flavor of Unix, and vulnerabilites often span the many flavors of Unix."