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Security Linux News for Oct 18, 2000

  • SuSE Security Announcement: ypbind/ypclient (2000-10-18 20:26:38)
    Security problems have been found in the client code of the NIS (Network Information System, aka yp - yellow pages) subsytem.

  • Red Hat Security Advisory: Potential security problems in ping fixed (2000-10-18 20:17:54)
    Root privileges are dropped after acquiring a raw socket. An 8 byte overflow of a static buffer "outpack" is prevented. An overflow of a static buffer "buf" is prevented.

  • ZDNet UK: Carnivore: The truth is worse than you thought (2000-10-18 15:05:59)
    "Carnivore, the FBI's controversial email snooping program, is part of covert surveillance triad known inside the bureau as the "DragonWare Suite"... the DragonWare Suite is more than simply an email snooping program: it's capable of reconstructing the Web surfing trail of someone under investigation."

  • ZDNet: EarthLink flaw exposes domains (2000-10-18 07:41:02)
    "The vulnerability resulted from a recently discovered flaw in an open-source e-commerce package combined with a misconfigured hosting server operated by EarthLink subsidiary MindSpring."