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Security Linux News for Oct 29, 2000

  • Seattle Times: Microsoft says hacker did no damage, but FBI called in (2000-10-29 14:34:52)
    "Microsoft did not fault its security system, saying corporate attacks are part of modern existence. The company contends its security is among the world's best, but security experts say Microsoft's reliance on Windows systems and personal computers leaves it open to sabotage. As younger systems, Windows programs are considered less secure than older systems based on the Unix operating system, or those of Linux, modeled after Unix."

  • SunWorld: Security through obscurity - Why are we helping hackers? (2000-10-29 14:17:54)
    "Is security through obscurity ever a useful way to protect your network, or does it just make things easier for corporate spies and hackers?"

  • SunWorld: Security basics, Part 1 - Understanding file attribute bits and modes (2000-10-29 13:45:15)
    "Security is always an issue in multiuser computing systems. Unix provides a rich set of security options, and this month we begin a three-part security series by exploring some basics."

  • NYTimes: Irregular New Accounts Alerted Microsoft to Network Intruder (2000-10-29 13:11:54)
    "On Friday, the rest of the world found out that Microsoft had been the victim of a break-in. But yesterday the company said that contrary to earlier reports and information it had provided, the episode did not span six weeks, but only a week."

  • Ethereal Network Protocol Analyzer 0.8.13 released (2000-10-29 12:41:56)
    "Ethereal 0.8.13 is now available. New dissectors include H.261, TPKT, and IGRP. RTP and RTCP were re-written, and many other dissectors were updated and improved. The wiretap library enables Ethereal to read Nokia-firewall tcpdump files, Shomiti Surveyor 3.x files, pppd log files (pppdump format), and NetXRay ATM files."