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Security Linux News for Oct 31, 2000

  • Seattle Times: Hacking may have hurt key Microsoft strategy (2000-10-31 22:09:31)
    "Microsoft's Silicon Valley competitors, while acknowledging no company is immune to hacker attacks, say Windows has greater security challenges than older, more mature systems built on Unix and a Unix spinoff, Linux."

  • NewsForge: Time for Microsoft to fix its security problems (2000-10-31 06:01:30)
    "Reporters asked whether the hackers had somehow 'compromised' the company's software by taking a peek at files of source code. Of course, Ballmer and all the others solemnly maintained that nothing had been compromised. Such a silly question. Source code, particularly beta or alpha level stuff, is going to be of little use to anyone except Microsoft, unless the hackers also got most of the accompanying documentation and related libraries. Such code certainly isn't going to be "held hostage," as the Wall Street Journal suggested, or be "auctioned off to criminal elements.'"