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Security Linux News for Jan 17, 2001

  • Security Portal: Computer Crime Investigator's Toolkit: Part III - Perl Scripting (2001-01-17 21:00:34)
    "While one doesn't have to be a master programmer to be a computer crime sleuth, being able to read code helps generate insight."

  • ZDNet/Yahoo: Net worm hobbles Linux servers (2001-01-17 18:51:40)
    "'This is not a very dangerous worm,' said Lance Spitzner, coordinator for the Honeynet Project, a group of well-known security experts who study how hackers attack servers. 'It has a very big signature. It is easy to find. And it doesn't really to do anything destructive.'"

  • SearchEnterpriseLinux.com: Tiny computer runs on Linux (2001-01-17 13:30:56)
    "This chip is really aimed for the embedded market, in which power use is a major issue. The chips are not aimed at the desktop though they would make for nice thin clients. For someone who needs a terminal for word processing and spreadsheets the chip would be more than enough. We run PowerPoint demonstrations using one."

  • Security Portal: Secure Linux Distributions (2001-01-17 07:59:24)
    "The point is that you cannot directly compare many security products. While they may look the same at first glance, they are often designed to solve completely different problems. This is the case with three new "secure" Linux distributions."

  • Security Portal: Secure Linux Distributions (1999-09-07 04:25:35)
    "However, wouldn't it be nice if there was a distribution that automatically installed a secure version of Linux, and wouldn't this be a great thing for inexperienced users and administrators?"