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Security Linux News for Feb 04, 2001

  • Security Portal: ISC: Charging for Security? (2001-02-04 15:06:52)
    "The ISC Bind security page lists twelve "official" security holes in various versions of Bind. If you visit any hacker Website, chances are you can find dozens of prepackaged "exploits" that will allow you to break into various versions of Bind running on different Unix platforms. Currently, of the SANS top ten security problems, Bind is number one."

  • Security Portal: DNS Server Infrastructure (2001-02-04 13:43:18)
    "DNS is the directory to the Internet; it maps names such as www.securityportal.com to IP addresses such as To see a Fortune 100 company such as Microsoft suffer a multi-day outage because its DNS infrastructure was not up to the task is disturbing indeed."