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Security Linux News for Feb 13, 2001

  • LinuxPR: New 'PizzaBox' Security Firewall sets new targets for TCO, has free download (2001-02-13 21:35:02)
    "KYZO's LinuxROM technology enables computers to be built which have the simplicity and reliability of a domestic toaster."

  • FreeOS.com: Intrusion Detection Systems, Part IV: Logcheck (2001-02-13 14:44:13)
    "What is great about Unix is that most modern implementations, use the syslog facility to report extensively... all happenings, good or bad on the host system. ... However, all this is of no use if the system administrator has no time to look at the logs. ... Logcheck automates the auditing process and weeds out normal log information, to give you a condensed look at problems and potential troublemakers mailed to wherever you please."

  • Security Portal: Firewalls - It's Time to Evolve or Die (2001-02-13 06:55:53)
    "Much may be said for the utility of network protection with firewalls, but too often we forget about the vulnerable, pink, hairless underbelly of the firewall. In this series of articles I will expose the weaknesses that are often ignored."