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Security Linux News for Mar 11, 2001

  • Linux Gazette: ssh suite: Sftp, scp and ssh-agent (2001-03-11 19:00:38)
    "The aim of this article is to provide an introduction to some useful programs in the SSH suite, i.e. sftp, scp, ssh-agent and ssh-add. In the following we suppose that sshd2 daemon is well configured and running."

  • linux.ie: Port Sentry and Snort compared (2001-03-11 16:11:53)
    "A port scan detector that can be configured to bind to ports you want monitored, reporting scans made to these ports and optionally running a command to deal with the scanning host."

  • FreeOS.com: TCP Wrappers: Part 2 (2001-03-11 12:12:43)
    "TCP Wrappers isn't meant to fulfill the security measures you would want for an enterprise network. But it surely does fall into the greater scheme of rule sets that would make up a comprehensive strategy to protect an enterprise network."