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Security Linux News for Mar 21, 2001

  • Red Hat Security Advisory: rpm-4.0.2 for all Red Hat platforms and releases (Mar 21, 2001, 21:23)
    "A common version of rpm for all Red Hat distributions is being released. This version of rpm understands legacy version 3 packaging used in Red Hat 6.x/5.x distributions as well as version 4 packaging used in Red Hat 7.x."

  • Wired: Your E-Hancock Can Be Forged (Mar 21, 2001, 19:30)
    "A Czech information security firm has found a flaw in Pretty Good Privacy that permits digital signatures to be forged in some situations."

  • Salon: Patents are your friends (Mar 21, 2001, 13:03)
    "The Foresight Institute, a nonprofit nanotechnology think tank, will announce later this month that it is forming an alliance with, a Rochester, N.Y., start-up dedicated to protecting intellectual property through the publication of new ideas. Together, as of May 1, the pair will give open-source programmers and projects the chance to work within the patent system even as they strive to overturn it."

  • LinuxPR: OpenDocs Publishing to publish 'PostgreSQL: The Elephant Never Forgets' (Mar 21, 2001, 00:39)
    "The book will fully document installation procedures, administration techniques, usage, basic programming interfaces, and replication capabilities of PostgreSQL."