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Security Linux News for Mar 30, 2001

  • Security Portal: Weekly Security Tools Digest 2001/03/23 to 2001/03/29 (2001-03-30 21:40:19)
    "Firewalls for UNIX/Linux/BSD & Cross-platform include Zorp, IPtables Linux Firewall and rTables Linux Firewall."

  • Immunix OS Security Advisory: kerberos (2001-03-30 21:34:28)
    "RedHat has released updated kerberos packages that fixes a number of logical and temp file problems."

  • Immunix OS Security Advisory: vim (2001-03-30 21:31:17)
    "An attacker could embed malicious VIM control codes into a file, and as soon as any user opened that file in vim-enhanced or vim-X11 with the status line option enabled in .vimrc, the commands would be executed as that user."

  • UPDATED: Linux to become official OS of choice in Norway? (2001-03-30 20:10:36)
    "Seen in this article in a Norwegian news paper, Statskonsult (a consulting department of the Norwegian government) is recommending that Linux is to be introduced into all schools and public institutions." [ Reader Jon Grov has contributed a translation of the last few paragraphs of the recommendation, which does, indeed, advocate such things as release of all government-developed software as free software and says "open standards implemented as free software should be required in the infrastructure used by the government as Free Software." Thanks, Jon ]

  • LinuxPlanet: DistributionWatch Review: SmoothWall Linux 0.9.8 (2001-03-30 13:04:12)
    The need for security in an increasingly insecure world is growing ever greater. Linux, often touted as one of the more secure platforms, still has its security flaws. SmoothWall Linux is a solution that has systematically removed many of these flaws by shipping a solid, cohesive distribution that has only one thing on its list of things to do: protect your network. Brian Proffitt reviews the latest version, which was released today.

  • LinuxPR: Open Docs Publishing announces "Red Hat Linux: Security and Optimization" (2001-03-30 07:55:01)
    "The new edition takes into account the feedback we received on the original book. A suite of new authors and a refined purpose will make the new book even better."