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Security Linux News for Apr 17, 2001

  • VNUNET.com: Bug Watch: Is Linux safe from attack? (2001-04-17 23:30:47)
    "As Linux increasingly becomes a target for malicious attacks, the question arises as to how vendors and users should deal with the problem. Is it a case of developing antivirus defences specifically for Linux or is it the age old problem of increasing awareness of the threats within the open source community?"

  • Conectiva Linux Security Announcement: netscape (2001-04-17 21:00:14)
    "There is a vulnerability related to javascript in versions below 4.77 of Netscape that allow a remote webserver (which the user is accessing at a particular time) to, for example, obtain information about the client using the "about:" protocol, such as browser history (about:global) or even browser configuration (about:config)."

  • LinuxNewbie.org: Iptables Basics NHF (2001-04-17 14:30:25)
    "I'm sure many of you have been wondering how to use iptables to set up a basic firewall. I was wondering the same thing for a long time until I recently figured it out. I'll try to explain the basics to at least get you started."

  • Red Hat Security Advisory: Linux kernel 2.2.19 now available, provides security fixes, enhancements (2001-04-17 12:53:11)
    "A local denial of service attack and root compromise of the kernel have been corrected, drivers have been updated, and NFS version 3 has been integrated."