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Security Linux News for May 04, 2001

  • SecurityPortal: Ask Buffy - Logging root commands, xinetd, bcc e-mail tracking (2001-05-04 19:45:43)
    Questions this week cover Logging Root Commands; WINS, NetBIOS problems; Protecting Solaris from IP Spoofing; xinetd and tcp_wrappers; and BCC Email Tracking.

  • Laurent Constantin: Testing a router or firewall (2001-05-04 18:56:04)
    Laurent Constantin has written in with a complete guide to testing firewalls and routers using lcrzoex. There's plenty of detail here for the aspiring security maven.

  • WIRED: Argentina Mulls Open-Source Move (2001-05-04 16:12:26)
    WIRED provides some context to recent reports that Argentina is considering a law mandating the use of open source software in its government. Software copying, until 1998, was legal in Argentina. Now that a crackdown is in progress, the government and businesses are realizing just how much money they'll have to spend to license what it depends on.

  • SuSE Security Announcement: sgmltool (2001-05-04 15:00:22)
    "During operation, the underlying SGML perlmodule creates temporary files in an insecure way. This allows attackers to destroy arbitrary files owned by the user who invoked the sgmltool program. The problem has been fixed by creating temporary files with the exclusive (O_EXCL) option upon opening them."