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Security Linux News for May 19, 2001

  • Letters to the Editor: Linux TCO, Kernel Internationalization, One Stop Kernel Security Patches (2001-05-19 18:00:28)
    Here are three letters to the editor we've received recently:
    Fred Mobach writes in with a request for help with some puzzling TCO math he's trying to work out, a reader says kernel internationalization isn't making any progress, and a link for a collection of security patches to the kernel.

  • Salon/AP: Prof. Felten describes hacking music industry's anti-piracy technology (2001-05-19 17:00:47)
    The most interesting detail of this article is that the RIAA's general counsel has told the Associated Press that warning the team responsible for successfully cracking SDMI that publishing their findings might be actionable under the DMCA was a mistake. Probably a good thing for the RIAA to say, considering the article also points out that the team is making no bones about the fact that the DMCA could have a serious chilling effect on academic discussion.

  • LinuxSecurity: Encrypted Tunnels using SSH and MindTerm (2001-05-19 12:00:45)
    This tutorial takes a thorough look at using MindTerm, a Java program that allows for encrypted tunneling via SSH as either a standalone program or as a browser-based applet. At its simplest level, MindTerm makes for a handy way to get a secure login to a machine running ssh from any browser. On a more complex level, it provides a way to access a host of services in a more secure manner than usual.

  • Caldera Security Update: samba /tmp problems (2001-05-19 03:55:11)
    "The previous Samba update fixed several places within the samba server code that allowed local attackers to gain root access. Unfortunately the patch used was slightly incorrect and did not fix the problem completely. The Samba 2.0.9 release fixes this problem, this security update backports it to our released Samba packages."

  • Immunix OS Security update for minicom (2001-05-19 03:50:42)
    "zenith parsec found numerous format string bugs in the version of minicom that is included in all versions of Immunix OS."