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Security Linux News for Jun 09, 2001

  • IEEE Computer Society: Linux: At a Turning Point? (2001-06-09 21:00:15)
    According to this article, "Linux may have reached a turning point at which it can either address several important challenges or face problems that could limit future adoption." The article cites fragmentation, primarily, but addresses other factors as well. The author took the time to talk to several people who ought to qualify as authorities: Eric Raymond, Richard Stallman, and IBM's Dan Frye. He also went to the Giga and Gartner wells.

  • SecurityFocus.com: SourceForge, Apache hacker: Nothing personal, it just worked out that way. (2001-06-09 16:30:36)
    Fluffy Bunny is the person who compromised SourceForge, Apache.org, and themes.org. Joe Barr managed an IRC interview with someone who purports to be Fluffy Bunny and learned that the cracker's motivation for compromising the sites was among the most pragmatic: they were there.

  • TurboLinux Security Announcement: gnupg, gtk+, tcpdump (2001-06-09 03:29:46)
    TurboLinux has released security advisories on several packages: gnupg, gtk+, tpcdump. Details and download links for each within.