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Security Linux News for Jun 27, 2001

  • O'Reilly Network: Tools of the Trade: Part 1 (2001-06-27 18:00:42)
    Carl Constantine looks at some advanced Linux security tools, including VPNs and Tripwire, from the viewpoint of malicious folks who want to break into your Linux boxen.

  • Caldera Security Advisory: buffer overflow in fetchmail (2001-06-27 00:20:14)
    "In previous versions of fetchmail, there were buffer overflows when handling mail messages with very long header fields. This hole could theoretically be exploited remotely by sending messages with such headers."

  • Caldera Security Advisory: Samba (2001-06-27 00:13:49)
    "There is a file overwrite vulnerability in the log facilities of the Samba filesharing package which can be used by a remote attacker to overwrite system files and to gain root access. This requires a specific logging entry to be set. Caldera OpenLinux is not vulnerable to this problem in its default configuration, because it does not include a default configuration file for Samba and the sample configuration we ship has logging commented out."