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Security Linux News for Sep 08, 2001

  • LinuxFocus.org: Psionic Portsentry 1.1, the defender of the ports (2001-09-08 22:04:26)
    "Portsentry can monitor ports and is able to block them if you ask it to do so. It provides you with different operating modes, some of them being specific to some OSes. As a matter of fact, OSes means Linux. Portsentry is able to benefit from packet filtering provided with ipfwadm, ipchains or iptables according to the Linux kernel you have. This is true for other Unix flavors using different tools (back on this later). There we are : portsentry greatest feature probably is 'auto-blocking'."

  • Wired: New Copyright Bill Heads to DC (2001-09-08 17:53:17)
    "It would be a civil offense to create or sell any kind of computer equipment that "does not include and utilize certified security technologies" approved by the federal government."

  • IBM developerWorks: OpenSSH key management: ssh-agent and keychain (2001-09-08 16:09:49)
    "One of OpenSSH's more intriguing features is its ability to authenticate users using the RSA and DSA authentication protocols, which are based upon a pair of complementary numerical "keys". One of the main appeals of RSA and DSA authentication is the promise of being able to establish connections to remote systems without supplying a password. In this second article, Daniel introduces ssh-agent (a private key cache) and keychain, a special bash script designed to make key-based authentication incredibly convenient and flexible."

  • VNUNet: Linux based Trojan gets a closer look (2001-09-08 12:08:24)
    "In light of the interest in the recently discovered Linux based Remote Shell Trojan, vnunet.com has uncovered more details of the worm's functionality in a bid to dispel any fear, uncertainty and doubt."