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Security Linux News for Sep 09, 2001

  • SecurityFocus.com: Return to sender? (Is it time to switch to a Sendmail alternative?) (2001-09-09 23:48:07)
    "The recent Sendmail local root exploit must have supporters of alternative SMTP servers chuckling. I won't be surprised if this exploit is cited by many as another reason to switch from Sendmail to Postfix or qmail. I don't buy those arguments, but there are reasons for some sites to consider an alternative."

  • Linux Journal: GPG: the Best Free Crypto You Aren't Using, Part I of II (2001-09-09 22:03:25)
    "Are you among the many GnuPG procrastinators of the world? Hopefully you won't be after this and next months' columns. After you've generated your personal keys, sent your first encrypted e-mail and finally verified the security signature of that cool software package you downloaded, you'll be glad you took the trouble to master the multifunctional marvel that is GnuPG."

  • InternetWeek: Work-Ready Linux (2001-09-09 08:39:11)
    "We looked at four popular Linux distributions--Caldera OpenLinux Server 3.1, Mandrake ProSuite 8.0, Red Hat Professional Server 7.1 and SuSE Linux Professional 7.2--to see how they worked alongside Windows NT, the technology most likely to be used on the same class of hardware as that used for most Linux installations."