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Security Linux News for Sep 13, 2001

  • ZDNet/Yahoo!: Automatic patching: Will it make the world safe from worms? (2001-09-13 18:23:28)
    "Worms and viruses often target specific vulnerabilities in common software. But what if the terms were reversed? Rather than attacking the vulnerability of software for malicious purposes, what if the worm or virus actually attempted to secure the software by applying a patch? Like it or not, it is already happening."

  • UnderLinux: Interview Elias Levy (BugTraq's Aleph1) (2001-09-13 12:16:39)
    "Even with OpenBSD's success the UNIX security model is very simplistic. You can certainly write secure applications - see qmail and postfix for examples - but they require a lot of effort. Linux is interesting because the are so many groups exploring alternative security models: privileges, acls, subdomain, SELinux, etc."

  • LinuxSecurity.com: International Security, Privacy and Solidarity (2001-09-13 03:09:54)
    Privacy and security concerns, though not strictly a "Linux issue," are a common theme and concern among Linux users and developers. LinuxSecurity's Dave Wreski writes about the concerns he has after yesterday's attacks.