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Security Linux News for Nov 20, 2001

  • MSNBC.com: Bug of the Day: Don't mess with RedHat Package Manager files (2001-11-20 22:56:06)
    MSNBC warns of the danger of "messing" with RPM's from untrusted sources, including querying them.

  • Linux Journal: Building an E-mail Virus Detection System for Your Network (2001-11-20 13:47:25)
    "The basic outline of the system consists of using Bash scripts, metamail, grep, the Obtuse Systems' smtpd product, Samba and a command-line virus scanner. The system can be set up on an existing Linux firewall or a separate machine, if you do not already have a Linux firewall in place. If you choose to set up a separate machine as the e-mail firewall, it doesn't have to be very powerful. A 200MHz 586 with 32MB of RAM would be plenty."