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Security Linux News for Dec 17, 2001

  • Engarde Secure Linux: 'glibc' globbing buffer overflow (2001-12-17 23:52:37)
    "There is a buffer overflow in glibc's globbing functions."

  • PCWorld.com: Is Linux Immune to E-Mail Viruses? (2001-12-17 20:44:03)
    "Some of the recent press regarding the "Goner " e-mail virus has brought about interesting commentary from antivirus manufacturers. It seems that a number of these folks feel that Linux viruses soon will be rampaging through the Internet alongside their Windows brethren. Don't hold your breath."

  • Debian Security Advisory: mailman cross-site scripting (2001-12-17 08:08:55)
    "Barry A. Warsaw reported several cross-site scripting security holes in Mailman, due to non-existent escaping of CGI variables. These have been fixed upstream in version 2.0.8, and the relevant patches have been backported to version 1.1-10 in Debian."