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Security Linux News for Aug 06, 2002

  • Conectiva Linux Advisory: sendmail (2003-08-31 20:21:01)
    "Sendmail versions 8.12.8 and before (but only of the 8.12.x branch) have a remote vulnerability related to DNS maps..."

  • Caldera Linux Advisory: DNS resolver libraries (2002-08-06 21:46:45)
    "From CERT CA-2002-19: A buffer overflow vulnerability exists in multiple implementations of DNS resolver libraries..."

  • Red Hat Linux Advisories: gaim, openssl (2002-08-06 15:49:35)
    Two advisories from Red Hat Linux.

  • Sydney Morning Herald: Open Sesame, for Tight Security (2002-08-06 13:00:29)
    "No information security panoply is complete without open-source systems guarding the approaches to the corporate sanctum sanctorum..."

  • Debian GNU/Linux Advisory: wwwoffle (2002-08-06 12:43:32)
    "A problem with wwwoffle has been discovered. The web proxy didn't handle input data with negative Content-Length settings properly which causes the processing child to crash..."

  • Conectiva Linux Advisory: sendmail (2002-08-06 04:53:07)
    "As publicized[1] by lumpy and reported in the sendmail website, a local user can stop the mail service (in the sense of "freezing" some operations) by holding an exclusive reading lock on some specific sendmail files (using a system call like flock())..."

  • CNET News: Putting Fun Back into Hacking (2002-08-06 03:00:25)
    "In a dim section of the main ballroom at the Alexis Park Hotel, hackers were trying to break into the computer systems of current stock market favorite Weiss Labs..."