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Security Linux News for Jan 17, 2003

  • Debian GNU/Linux Advisory: dhcp3 (2003-01-28 21:11:58)
    "Florian Lohoff discovered a bug in the dhcrelay causing it to send a continuing packet storm towards the configured DHCP server(s) in case of a malicious BOOTP packet, such as sent from buggy Cisco switches..."

  • Debian GNU/Linux Advisory: dhcp3 (2003-01-17 18:53:56)
    "The Internet Software Consortium discoverd several vulnerabilities during an audit of the ISC DHCP Daemon..."

  • CNET News: Decrypting the Secret to Strong Security (2003-01-17 08:30:29)
    There is probably some truth to the notion that giving programmers access to a piece of software doesn't guarantee they will study it carefully. But there is a group of programmers who can be expected to care deeply: Those who either use the software personally or work for an enterprise that depends on it..."

  • NewsForge: Open Source Security: Better Protection at a Lower Cost (2003-01-17 07:00:22)
    "At first glance, the idea of using open source software for a firewall or other security application seems counterintuitive, even absurd. Why would a corporation use code that's available to anyone--hackers, cyber-terrorists, disgruntled employees--to protect their most vital information assets...?"