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Security Linux News for Jun 21, 2004

  • LinuxPlanet: Verano's Industrial Defender Does Just That (2004-06-21 20:30:38)
    "So, what's keeping the bad guys out of the computer systems that run a huge metropolitan water works? Or, how would a plant manager know if someone had broken into his multi-megawatt power plant's network? These are questions that security company Verano is answering with Linux-based technology..."

  • informIT: Building OpenSSH--Tools and Tradeoffs (2004-06-21 10:00:25)
    "OpenSSH is designed for strong authentication, for improved privacy, for secure X11 sessions, and to not trust the network..."

  • Release Digest: GNOME, June 20, 2004 (2004-06-21 05:00:15)
    This Fathers' Day weekend's GNOME apps: gtkglextmm 1.1.0, GNOME Phone Manager 0.3, gnome-bluetooth 0.5.1, libbtctl 0.4.1, Glom 0.8.2/0.8.3, gamin-0.0.1, Liferea 0.5.0, gtkmm 2.4.3, glibmm 2.4.3, and Muine 0.6.3.

  • Gentoo Linux Advisory: aspell (2004-06-21 03:44:25)
    "A bug in the aspell utility word-list-compress can allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code..."

  • Debian GNU/Linux Advisories: rlpr, www-sql, sup, super (2004-06-21 02:59:15)
    Four security advisories from the Debian Project.