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Security Linux News for Aug 06, 2008

  • Is Mozilla Jinxed? (Aug 06, 2008, 20:30)
    Internet News: "Reading a user's hard drive contents alone wasn't enough for Kotler who claimed that function alone bored him after a period of time. "I got bored with it so I made it into a bot and interactive, so I can manage multiple Jinx instances," Kotler said. "We end up having a complete framework all in JavaScript in the browser without code injection or virtualization. It's just you, Firefox and us."

  • Humor: A Better View of Microsoft Security (Aug 06, 2008, 10:30)
    Linux Today Blog: "Sean Michael Kerner is an excellent reporter, and gives the impression of keeping a straight face as he wrote this article. It may be that he did; I know I would not have been capable of writing it as a straight news story. Allow me to share a few choice quotes:"