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Security Linux News for Aug 27, 2008

  • Dumb and Dumber Proprietary Innovation Strikes Again (Aug 27, 2008, 23:01)
    Linux Today Blog: "Nominum Solves Kaminsky Attack, and Novell's iPrint Open to Attack, Say Researchers. What do these stories have in common? I was thinking perhaps institutionalized delusional thinking and incompetence, but maybe I'm being too harsh."

  • Revealed: The Internet's Biggest Security Hole (Aug 27, 2008, 20:31)
    Wired: "The tactic exploits the internet routing protocol BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) to let an attacker surreptitiously monitor unencrypted internet traffic anywhere in the world, and even modify it before it reaches its destination."

  • Lawyer Falls Prey to Pricey Internet Scam (Aug 27, 2008, 19:31) "...Bartko is now a defendant in a federal suit by Wachovia Bank -- which is seeking reimbursement for nearly $200,000 that the bank wired, on Bartko's instructions, to a Korean bank on behalf of a company that had hired Bartko via the Internet."

  • Novell's iPrint Open to Attack, Say Researchers (Aug 27, 2008, 19:02)
    LinuxWorld: "Novell has issued a patch that plugs multiple holes in the ActiveX control that Novell ships as part of its iPrint product, but according to Danish bug tracker Secunia, one of the flaws remains unfixed."

  • SSH Key-based Attacks On Linux Hosts (Aug 27, 2008, 14:01)
    US-Cert: "US-CERT is aware of active attacks against linux-based computing infrastructures using compromised SSH keys. The attack appears to initially use stolen SSH keys to gain access to a system..."

  • openSUSE to Add SELinux Basic Enablement in 11.1 (Aug 27, 2008, 11:31)
    openSUSE News: "We have exciting news for security enthusiasts, experts, and paranoid people! Beginning with openSUSE 11.1, SUSE users will have an additional option regarding security frameworks. In addition to AppArmor, we will be adding SELinux capabilities in openSUSE 11.1, which will allow users to enable SELinux in openSUSE if they wish."