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Security Linux News for Dec 03, 2008

  • The Big Ol' Ubuntu Security Resource (2008-12-03 20:33:22)
    IT Security: "But although Ubuntu is billed as the ultra-secure solution, you should know that even though Ubuntu's default install has its flaws, like every other operating system. To combat these weaknesses, IT Security has prepared a guide to help you close your system's backdoors and protect you from some of the common Ubuntu exploits."

  • Shred and Secure-Delete: Tools for Wiping Files, Partitions and Disks in GNU/Lin (2008-12-03 08:33:22)
    Free Software Magazine: "I carry a small, laminated card indicating my subscription to the IUSP (International Union of the Super Paranoid, tin hat division). Well, you can’t be too careful. After all, we live in a dangerous world and computers are just an extension of that."

  • 40 Open Source Tools for Protecting Your Privacy (2008-12-03 07:03:22)
    eSecurityPlanet: "You don't need to fork over big bucks – or even any bucks – to keep your online activities and identity secret. The open source community has dozens of privacy-related projects in development, and some of them have already proven themselves to be among the best privacy protection tools available."

  • Trumpet Windows Loudly--- Except When It's Malware Outbreaks (2008-12-03 00:01:22)
    Linux Today Blog: "Ever notice how Microsoft plasters the Windows name on everything it can reach? Splash screens, stickers on computers, and advertising everywhere. There is no escaping it. Except when it's yet another malware outbreak-- then all the news organization go inexplicably deaf, dumb, and blind, as this latest story demonstrates:
    Virus hits nearly 75% of systems on Afghanistan military base."