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Shell scripting (BASH) : How to create temporary random file name (Apr 21, 2017)

Mozilla Firefox 53.0 Web Browser Drops Linux Support for Older Processors (Apr 20, 2017)

MU Music Player A Player That Remembers All Your Music (Apr 18, 2017)

How to set up MariaDB Master-Slave replication with SSL on Ubuntu Linux (Apr 16, 2017)

Razer Peripherals Configuration GUI Polychromatic 0.3.8 Released With Overhauled Tray (Apr 05, 2017)

GNOME Twitch 0.4.0 Includes Improved Chat, Re-Enabled Notifications, More (Apr 04, 2017)

How to set and enable MariaDB slow query log (Mar 31, 2017)

How to install and configure Jails on FreeNAS Corral 10 (Mar 27, 2017)

Linux Laptop: Display Battery Status And Thermal Temperature From Command Line (Mar 23, 2017)

6 Features You'll Love In GNOME 3.24 (Mar 20, 2017)

Automatically Organize Your Downloads Folder In Linux Using `Classifier` (Mar 20, 2017)

Qtox: Open Source and Fully Secure Skype Replacement for Linux (Mar 17, 2017)

PB For Desktop`: Cross-Platform Desktop App For Pushbullet (Supports Android Notification Mirroring On Linux Desktops) (Mar 16, 2017)

A Penguin tries FreeBSD as a desktop operating system (Mar 14, 2017)

How to configure Lighttpd web server with free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate on Debian or Ubuntu Linux (Mar 13, 2017)

How to extract a .deb file without opening it on Debian or Ubuntu Linux (Mar 09, 2017)

Ubuntu Linux Remove/Delete PPAs apt-get command (Mar 08, 2017)

Firefox 52 Released With WebAssembly Support, Removes NPAPI Plugins Other Than Flash (Java, Silverlight) (Mar 07, 2017)

How to enable TLS/SSL encryption with Glusterfs storage cluster on Linux (Mar 07, 2017)

How to install and configure MariaDB Galera as master to master replication cluster on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Mar 07, 2017)

GNOME Foundation executive director wants you to think beyond the desktop (Mar 06, 2017)

Do we really need swap on modern Linux systems? (Mar 05, 2017)

OpenPics - An Electron based Free Stock Image App for Linux (Mar 03, 2017)

Skype For Linux Enters Beta, Adds Support For Video Calls With Other Platforms (Mar 02, 2017)

Argos Lets You Create GNOME Shell Extensions From Scripts (W/ BitBar Plugin Support) (Feb 28, 2017)

The Librem 13 v1: A full-fledged modern laptop with coreboot for freedom and privacy freaks (Feb 28, 2017)

How to install GlusterFS with a replicated high availability storage volume on Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS (Feb 28, 2017)

Linux From Scratch 8.0 Released, Adding Major Changes (Feb 27, 2017)

How to set rsync speed limit from eating all bandwidth with bwlimit option (Feb 27, 2017)

Thanks To Red Hat, India's Biggest Stock Exchange Is Now The World's Fastest (Feb 24, 2017)

Terminix 1.5.0 Released With Initial Bookmarks Support, Other Improvements (Feb 20, 2017)

How To Use Plex To Cast Local Videos To Chromecast (From Your Desktop w/ Optional Mobile App) (Feb 20, 2017)

How to delete or remove a MySQL/MariaDB user account on Linux or Unix (Feb 19, 2017)

Alternative Global Menu For MATE And Xfce: Vala Panel AppMenu (Feb 16, 2017)

How to install PHP 7 on Debian Linux 8.7/7.x [jessie/wheezy] (Feb 15, 2017)

February 14th is I Love Free Software Day (Feb 14, 2017)

Reducing the bandwidth required to keep Fedora up to date (Feb 09, 2017)

PSA: Intel Atom C2000 Chips Flaw Bricking Routers/NAS/Firewall devices that are powered by Linux, pfSense and FreeNAS (Feb 09, 2017)

How to use CoreFreq CPU monitoring software on Linux (Feb 08, 2017)

How to get list of installed packages on Ubuntu / Debian Linux (Feb 08, 2017)

Take Your Writing To The Next Level With Writefull (Feb 07, 2017)

Apt Update Indicator For GNOME Shell Keeps You Informed About Available Updates (Feb 07, 2017)

How to configure ufw to forward port 80/443 to internal server hosted on LAN (Feb 06, 2017)

How-to configure FirewallD zones bound by source IPs (Feb 03, 2017)

5 Cool Internet Radio Players For Linux (Feb 01, 2017)

How to install FreeBSD 11 Unix Operating System on Google Cloud Compute Platform (Feb 01, 2017)

RcloneBrowser (Rclone GUI) Lets You Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Services From A Single Desktop App (Jan 30, 2017)

How to limit SSH (TCP port 22) connections with ufw on Ubuntu Linux (Jan 30, 2017)

How to open a file in vim in read-only mode on Linux/Unix (Jan 27, 2017)

Lennart Poettering on systemd's Tumultuous Ascendancy in the Linux Community (Jan 27, 2017)

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