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How to Install Nginx on Fedora Linux

Discover how to quickly and effortlessly install Nginx on your Fedora Linux system with just a few simple steps.

How to Install Golang on Fedora Linux

Follow these simple steps to install Golang on your Fedora Linux system, and boost your programming skills.

How to Install a Non-Snap Version of Firefox on Ubuntu 22.04

Having issues with Snap-based Firefox? Then, check out how to ditch the Snap version of Firefox for the classic Firefox on Ubuntu 22.04.

Ansible Roles Tutorial For Beginners

In this tutorial, we'll learn what Ansible roles are and how to use them to create a structured project and distribute them.

The Best Linux Distributions for Beginners in 2023

Over time, enormous efforts have been made to make Linux more user-friendly. This guide covers the best Linux distributions for beginners in 2023.

How to Fix Error 522 in LibreOffice and OpenOffice

LibreOffice comes with several predefined errors. Here's how to fix Error 522 in LibreOffice or in OpenOffice using two simple methods.

How to know if You are Behind a Proxy Server?

Unless you're behind a transparent proxy, it's effortless to check. Here, we'll discuss how to detect the transparent proxy and the usual proxies in use.

How to Create a Sudo User on Ubuntu 22.04

Creating sudo user and granting privileges is a straightforward process. Here, we'll explain how to create a sudo user on Ubuntu 22.04.

How to Configure Linux Mint 21 Automatic Updates

Keep your Linux Mint 21 up-to-date and bug-free with automatic updates. Learn how to set them up with this step-by-step guide.

40+ Best Open-Source Android Apps

Replace proprietary options to enjoy a potentially better experience with some of the best open-source Android apps. Check them out here.

nvitop: GPU Process Management

nvitop is an interactive NVIDIA device and process monitoring tool that bills itself as "the one-stop solution for GPU process management." Learn more here.

How to Install OpenLDAP Server and Client on Rocky Linux 9

OpenLDAP is a software implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. Here's how to install and set it up on Rocky Linux 9.

SCO vs. Linux: 20 Years of Open-Source Turmoil

Two decades ago, SCO turned its back on its Unix and Linux heritage and attacked Linux. It became a defining moment in Linux's history. Learn more here.

How to Install Fail2ban With firewalld on Fedora Linux

Learn how to easily install and configure Fail2ban with firewalld for optimal security on Fedora Linux distributions.
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