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How To List Installed Packages In Linux

This brief guide explains how to list all installed packages in various Linux distributions, from the command line, with examples.

Attackers Exploit OMIGOD Flaw in Azure Despite Microsoft Fixes

Cybercriminals are targeting Linux-based servers running Microsoft’s Azure public cloud environment that are vulnerable to flaws, after Microsoft didn’t automatically apply a patch on affected clients in its infrastructure. According to cybersecurity firm Recorded Future, the attacks began the night of Sept. 16 after a proof-of-concept exploit was published earlier...

Kentik Labs Launches Open Source Networking Tools With eBPF

The networking startup, Kentik Labs, has launched with open source networking tools that leverage eBPF. They say the new platform is aimed at "the other side of the house" from its usual network engineering customers. Learn more about Kentik Labs here.

Hackers Alter Cobalt Strike Beacon to Target Linux Environments

A significant part of hacking consists of diverting the function of existing systems and software, and hackers often use legitimate security tools to perform cyber attacks. Pentesting tool Cobalt Strike has been one such target, but what happened recently with a Red Hat Linux version of the Cobalt Strike Beacon...

Two Ways to Install Discord on Ubuntu 20.04

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install Discord client on Ubuntu 20.04 using two different methods.

Fedora 35: Release Date, New Features, and Download Testing Version

In this short post, we are going to summarize the new features and updates expected in Fedora 35, with an expected stable release for the end of next October.

Install Ksnip Screenshot Tool on Linux with Flatpak Packages

Ksnip is a Qt-based cross-platform screenshot tool that provides many annotation features for your screenshots. In this tutorial, learn how to install the Ksnip screenshot tool on Linux using Flatpak packages.

LibreOffice 7.2 Gets First Point Release

Released less than a month ago, the LibreOffice 7.2 office suite has already been adopted by hundreds of thousands of computer users. LibreOffice 7.2.1 has arrived as the first maintenance update, fixing as many as 87 bugs across all core components. Details about these bug fixes are provided in...

GNOME Subtitles Editor Gets a Major Update

If you have never heard of GNOME Subtitles before, let me tell you that it’s a powerful subtitle editor for the Linux desktop, supporting most common text-based subtitle formats and offering features like subtitle translation, synchronization of times and frames, as well as built-in video previewing. The new release, GNOME...

Firefox Suggest is a New Search Feature of Mozilla’s Web Browser

Firefox Suggest displays suggestions when users type in the Firefox address bar. The feature looks like search suggestions at first glance, a feature Firefox supported for a long time. However, suggestions from Firefox Suggest are not offered by the search engine that is used, but by Mozilla’s Firefox browser....

How to Install Microsoft Edge on Linux Mint 20

Microsoft Edge is a cross-platform web browser by Microsoft. In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install Microsoft Edge on Linux Mint 20.

Java 17 LTS Released

Java 17 with Extended Support (LTS) has been released. The previous version with extended support, Java 11, was released in 2018. Learn more here.

How to Boot RHEL 8 System into Rescue Mode

This quick guide describes how to boot a RHEL 8 system into rescue mode, using the systemd target unit. Learn more here.

Darktable 3.6.1 Open-Source RAW Image Editor Improves Camera Support, Fixes Bugs

Released in early July, Darktable 3.6 arrived as a major release that introduced numerous new features and improvements, and now, Darktable 3.6.1 is here as the first point release to fix some nasty issues and also add support for new digital cameras. Darktable 3.6.1 adds base support for the Leica...

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