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Best Free and Open Source Software – June 2022 Updates

Here are the latest updates to our compilation of recommended software. For this month, we have hugely expanded our features on games. But there are also new articles in the areas of coding, audio, utilities, and documents. This is the largest compilation of recommended software. The collection includes hundreds of...

How to Deploy CouchDB as a Cluster with Docker

Jack Wallen shows you how easily you can deploy a CouchDB clustered environment with the help of Docker.

How to Import Remi Repository on CentOS 9 Stream

REMI is a third-party repository with the latest PHP versions on RHEL-derived systems. Learn how to import the Remi repository on CentOS 9 Stream here.

How to Generate a Strong Pre-shared Key on Linux

A PSK, or pre-shared key, is a password made up of a random string of characters. Learn how to generate a strong pre-shared key on Linux here.

Star Labs Teases the StarFighter Linux Laptop with 4K Display

4K Linux laptops are coming, specifically, one from Star Labs called the StarFighter Linux Laptop. Learn more here.

Highly Sophisticated Malware Attacks Home and Small Office Routers

Security researchers have uncovered highly sophisticated malware that has been targeting small office/home office (SOHO) routers for nearly two years. Learn more here.

Nitrux 2.2.1 ships with Default 5.18.6 XanMod kernel

With this release, Nitrux 2.2.1 ships with the default 5.18.6 XanMod kernel, which is the successor to 5.17.12, which was not implemented with the previous release 2.2.0 due to the failure of the package broadcom-sta-dkm while building, but with this release, you can have the stable version of the 5.18.6 XanMod...

How to Install Xfce Desktop Environment on CentOS 9 Stream

Xfce is a lightweight free, open-source desktop environment for UNIX-like operating systems. In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install the desktop environment on CentOS 9 Stream.

GNOME Web 43 Gets WebExtension Support. Here’s How to Try

How to try and use the Firefox add-ons on the new web extension support in GNOME Web 43 (Epiphany) web browser.

HP Linux Imaging and Printing Drivers Now Support Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and Fedora 36

HPLIP 3.22.6 is here exactly two months after the HPLIP 3.22.4 release, which only added support for the Manjaro Linux 21.2 distribution and several new printers, to add support for more recent distributions, including Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Fedora Linux 36, and MX Linux 21.1. This means that you can now...

12-Year-Old Developer Brings Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop Back to Life

Unity Desktop Environment is a graphical shell for GNOME designed and maintained by Canonical for Ubuntu. It was beautiful and innovative, but Canonical threw it out in 2017. Now, thanks to a 12-year-old Linux Foundation Certified Developer and Ubuntu member from India, Now, the restart of the active maintenance of...

The History of RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) Distribution

Developed by Red Hat, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, colloquially abbreviated as RHEL, is a commercial open-source Linux distribution tailored for the enterprise market. It is available for both server and desktop versions. For servers, it is available for x86-64, IBM Z, ARM64, and Power ISA. For the desktop version,...

How To Find Exact Installation Date And Time Of Your Linux OS

Ever wondered how long have you been using your Linux OS without a reinstall? This guide explains how to find exact installation date and time of your Linux OS.

How to Get Total Inodes of Root Partition

On Linux operating systems, an inode stores information that describes a file or directory. Learn how to get total inodes of root partition here.

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