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AI Alliance for Open Innovation Formed By IBM and Meta With Intel, AMD, and More

All the members of this AI-focused alliance are set to collaborate with each other by being part of an open community that allows both developers and researchers to further “responsible innovation” in AI.

Peppermint OS – A Lightweight Linux OS for Older Hardware

Peppermint OS is a Linux distribution based on Debian and Devuan Stable (originally based on Ubuntu). The desktop environment it utilizes is Xfce, which is customizable and lightweight. With relatively few hardware resources needed to run Peppermint, it attempts to give beginners a friendly Linux atmosphere.

Endless OS 5.1 Rolls Out With Enhanced Learning Experience

Still based on Debian 11, Endless OS 5.1 is a minor release with Endless Key, updated hardware support, and incremental improvements.

Raspberry Pi OS Gets New Dark GTK Theme, Better Raspberry Pi 5 Support

The new Raspberry Pi OS release, versioned 2023-12-05, brings a new dark GTK theme, enables the Battery Monitor plugin, adds a new “Taskbar Preferences” menu item to the panel’s right-click context menu, and enables monitoring of theme files in the pixdecor plugin to load changes on the fly.

KDE Announces Finalists in Plasma 6 Wallpaper Contest

Here are the top six contenders in KDE’s wallpaper contest! One of these exceptional designs will be the default wallpaper for Plasma 6.

KDE Plasma 5.27.10 Improves Night Color With Automatic Location, Fixes Bugs

KDE Plasma 5.27.10 is here one and a half months after KDE Plasma 5.27.9 to address more bugs, such as the one causing the Night Color to start transitioning to night mode at inappropriate times when using automatic location, as well as a bug causing the positions of desktop...

Ethical Hacking Distro Kali Linux 2023.4 Brings Support for Raspberry Pi 5

Coming after Kali Linux 2023.3, the Kali Linux 2023.4 release is here to introduce support for the Raspberry Pi 5 single-board computer. A dedicated image is available for those who want to use Kali Linux on the tiny computer, but you can also install it through the official Raspberry...

GNOME 45.2 Released With Various Fixes and Performance Improvements

GNOME 45.2 is here more than five weeks after GNOME 45.1 and improves the GNOME Shell component by optimizing application search, improving high-contrast styling, and adding support for a “version-name” field in extension metainfo as GNOME Shell extensions now support a custom “version-name” string.

How to Set Up Dual Monitors With XRandR

If you've ever found yourself stumped by resolution issues in Linux, XRandR and ARandR might just be the tools you need to solve your issues.

How to Install Development Tools on Linux

Learn how to easily install the development tools required to build, compile, and test programs from source in your favorite Linux distributions.

5 Most Privacy-Focused Web Browsers

Let me highlight the best privacy-focused options that you can utilize on any device of your choice.

Mobile OS /e/OS 1.17 Released With Enhanced Privacy & Functionality

A fresh new release of the open-source mobile operating system e/OS 1.17 is now available to download and experience via available phones.

Proxmox Backup Server 3.1 Brings Secure Boot Compatibility

Based on Debian 12.2 “Bookworm,” Proxmox Backup Server 3.1 ships with secure boot and local sync jobs support. Here's more on that!

Shotcut 23.11 Open-Source Video Editor Adds NVIDIA AV1 Hardware Encoding

Shotcut 23.11 open-source, cross-platform, and free video editing software written in Qt has been officially released today as a major update that brings some new features and lots of improvements.

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