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Linux 4.17 Arrives with New Kernel Memory Consistency Module
ServerWatch: Third new Linux kernel of 2017 is now generally available as Linus Torvalds warns that Linux 5... (Jun 04, 2018)

Ubuntu's Shuttleworth Creates Controversy with OpenStack Summit Vancouver Keynote
ServerWatch: OpenStack Foundation pulls Shuttleworth Keynote Video after he takes direct aim at rivals... (May 22, 2018)

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Linux Today - Storage

Zstandard - A Super Faster Data Compression Tool For Linux
(Jun 21, 2018, 23:00) (0 talkbacks)

2DayGeek: Zstandard is a lossless and super faster data compression algorithm developed by Yann Collet at Facebook.

How to Install MySQL on Ubuntu 18.04
(Jun 21, 2018, 09:00) (0 talkbacks)

Linuxize: Learn how to install and secure MySQL on a Ubuntu 18.04 machine.

How to Back Up and Restore MySQL Databases with Mysqldump
(Jun 18, 2018, 12:00) (0 talkbacks)

Linuxize: This tutorial explains how to backup and restore MySQL or MariaDB databases from the command line using the mysqldump utility.

How to Mount and Use an exFAT Drive on Ubuntu Linux [Quick Tip]
(Jun 18, 2018, 05:00) (0 talkbacks)

itsFOSS: This quick tutorial shows you how to enable exFAT file system support on Ubuntu and other Ubuntu-based Linux distributions.

How To Rename Multiple Files At Once In Linux
(Jun 17, 2018, 10:00) (0 talkbacks)

The mmv command is used to move, copy, append and rename files in bulk using standard wildcards in Unix-like operating systems.

How to partition a disk in Linux
(Jun 13, 2018, 04:00) (0 talkbacks)

Learn how to use the 'parted' command to partition storage devices in Linux.

Comparing files and directories with the diff and comm Linux commands
(Jun 11, 2018, 08:00) (0 talkbacks)

NetworkWorld: The Linux comm command makes it easy to compare files or the contents of directories with its columnar output.

How to make file sharing easy on your network with LAN-Share
(Jun 11, 2018, 05:00) (0 talkbacks)

If you've been looking for an easy means of sharing files across your LAN, Jack Wallen believes you won't find a tool simpler than LAN-Share.

zstd - A Fast Data Compression Algorithm Used By Facebook
(Jun 10, 2018, 18:00) (0 talkbacks)

Tecmint: Zstandard (also known as zstd) is a free open source, fast real-time data compression program with better compression ratios, developed by Facebook.

How to use autofs to mount NFS shares
(Jun 05, 2018, 15:00) (0 talkbacks)

Configure a basic automount function on your network file system.

MySQL without the MySQL: An introduction to the MySQL Document Store
(Jun 05, 2018, 14:00) (0 talkbacks)

The MySQL Document Store enables storing data without having to create an underlying schema

6 Best CCleaner Alternatives for Ubuntu
(Jun 04, 2018, 14:00) (0 talkbacks)

cCleaner is a popular tools for cleaning out unwanted files, but here are lots of alternatives on Linux.

How To Create LVM Partition with XFS/Ext4 File Systems on RHEL and Debian
(Jun 04, 2018, 12:00) (0 talkbacks)

Partitioning hard disk with old traditional methods is still commonly used by many users.

Setting up Shared folders in VirtualBox
(Jun 04, 2018, 10:00) (0 talkbacks)

LinuxHint: If you have virtual machines installed inside VirtualBox, chances are you wish to share data between the VM and the host operating system.

Create Bootable USB Drives From Windows With Rufus (Version 3.0 Released)
(May 30, 2018, 19:00) (0 talkbacks)

Rufus can be used not only to create bootable Windows drives from ISO files or disk images, but also create bootable Linux USB drives from Windows

Copying and renaming files on Linux
(May 30, 2018, 05:00) (0 talkbacks)

NetworkWorld: There's more to copying and renaming files on Linux than cp and mv. Try some commands and strategies that might surprise you and save you some time.

Tar command Examples : Compress & Decompress the files\directories
(May 29, 2018, 09:00) (0 talkbacks)

 LinuxTechLab: One of the most performed functions during day to day activities of a system admin is data archiving or data compression/Decompression.

BTFS - A Bittorrent Filesystem Based On FUSE
(May 27, 2018, 18:00) (0 talkbacks)

ostechnix: BTFS, the bittorent filesystem, can mount the torrent file or magnet link as a directory and then use it as any read-only directory in your file tree.

How to clean up your data in the command line
(May 27, 2018, 06:00) (0 talkbacks)

Command-line auditing cannot affect the database, because it works with data liberated from its database prison.

Open Source Storage: 64 Applications for Data Storage
(May 23, 2018, 13:00) (0 talkbacks)

EnterpriseStorageForum: As data storage needs continue to grow and many organizations move toward software-defined infrastructure, more enterprises are using open source software to meet some of their storage needs.

Learn to create Bootable Linux Flash Drive (using Ubuntu)
(May 14, 2018, 13:00) (0 talkbacks)

LinuxTechLab: Learn how to create a bootable flash drive for Linux

Setting Up LVM Partition On Linux Server
(May 11, 2018, 06:00) (0 talkbacks)

 Learn how to extend storage with LVM

How to mount NTFS drives on Linux easily
(May 07, 2018, 08:00) (0 talkbacks)

LinuxTechLab: Windows operating system use NTFS for partitioning large Hard disk drives, whether they are local hdd or an external one.

Cloud Commander - A Web File Manager With Console And Editor
(May 02, 2018, 15:00) (0 talkbacks)

 ostechnix: Cloud commander is a web-based file manager that allows you to view, access, and manage the files and folders of your system from any computer, mobile, and tablet Pc via a web browser.

Red Hat Launches All-In-One Data Center Storage Solution
(Apr 27, 2018, 09:00) (0 talkbacks)

DataCenterKnowledge: Don't worry, Red Hat isn't going in the hardware business.

What Stratis learned from ZFS, Btrfs, and Linux Volume Manager
(Apr 27, 2018, 04:00) (0 talkbacks)

Learn more about this powerful, no-hassle Linux storage management solution.

Configuring local storage in Linux with Stratis
(Apr 26, 2018, 09:00) (0 talkbacks)

Focusing on ease of use, Stratis offers desktop Linux users a powerful collection of advanced storage features.

How to share files between Linux and Windows
(Apr 25, 2018, 12:00) (0 talkbacks)

NetworkWorld: Sharing files between Linux and Windows systems is surprisingly easy with some fine accommodations from the Linux community.

How-guide : Removing disk from LVM.
(Apr 24, 2018, 23:00) (0 talkbacks)

kerneltalks: Learn how to safely remove disk from LVM.

Clonezilla Live Disk Cloning OS Gets New Massive Deployment BitTorrent Mechanism
(Apr 17, 2018, 11:00) (0 talkbacks)

Clonezilla Live 2.5.5-38 is now the latest stable release of the live system based on the open-source partition and disk imaging and cloning Clonezilla software.

How To Resize Active/Primary root Partition In Linux Using GParted Utility
(Apr 16, 2018, 19:00) (0 talkbacks)

2DayGeek: GParted utility allows user to perform disk resize, copy, and move partitions without data loss.

How To Setup Static File Server Instantly
(Apr 13, 2018, 15:00) (0 talkbacks)

ostechnix: Setup an Instant File server using "Serve" utility in Linux.

Why You Should Use TimeShift in Linux Mint to Back Up Your Computer
(Apr 13, 2018, 11:00) (0 talkbacks)

MakeTechEasier: Timeshift is excellent for creating and scheduling regular backups of your Linux desktop system.

20 Outstanding Backup Utilities for Linux Systems in 2018
(Apr 09, 2018, 04:00) (0 talkbacks)

Backup on personal computers or servers is always important to prevent permanent data loss.

How to find files in Linux
(Apr 05, 2018, 23:00) (0 talkbacks)

Use these simple Linux utilities to quickly find files based on type, content, and more.

Understanding Linux filesystems: ext4 and beyond
(Apr 03, 2018, 15:00) (0 talkbacks)

Learn the history of ext4, including what's different from ext3 and the other filesystems that came before it.

Create a Linux Swap File
(Apr 02, 2018, 05:00) (0 talkbacks)

Linuxize: Swap is a space on a disk that is used when the amount of physical RAM memory is full.

Live Backups with Just Inotify, Rsync, and Bash
(Mar 30, 2018, 08:00) (0 talkbacks)

LinuxHint: This article shows you an elegant way to synchronize and autobackup folders using only inotifywait and rsync in a Bash script.

System Tar and Restore - A Versatile System Backup Script for Linux
(Mar 30, 2018, 07:00) (0 talkbacks)

Tecmint: System Tar and Restore is a versatile system backup script for Linux systems.

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