Grafana 11.0 Rolls Out with New Tools for Metrics and Logs Exploration

Grafana 11.0: Now with subfolders, better visualizations, simplified metrics exploration, advanced alerting features, and more.

Plasma 6 Desktop Finally Landed in Void Linux

Void Linux users can now enjoy KDE Plasma 6 after the desktop environment is already available in the distribution's...

KDE Unveils Frameworks 5.116.0, Here’s What’s New

KDE Frameworks 5.116.0 ships with an updated icons set, TGA support, security updates, and more.

MX Linux 23.3 Brings Debian 12.5 Base and Enhanced Features

MX Linux 23.3 features updated Debian 12.5 base, PipeWire 1.0, OEM language options, and the latest kernel updates.

Fwupd 1.9.20 Enhances Support for FPC FF2 Fingerprint Devices

The latest fwupd 1.9.20 firmware update daemon fixes bugs, adds more hardware support, and enhances security for firmware updates.

NVK Lands Support for DRM Format Modifiers — the Last Piece Required to Support GameScope

This week we merged support for the VK_EXT_image_drm_format_modifier extension in NVK, the new open-source Vulkan driver for NVIDIA hardware....

PipeWire 1.2 Release Candidate Adds Explicit Sync and Snap Support

PipeWire 1.2 Release Candidate is now available for testing with explicit GNU synchronization support, Snap support, and async processing.

Winamp Becomes Open Source under the FreeLLama Name

Winamp, the iconic music player, reinvigorates nostalgia as it turns open source under FreeLLama, inviting global devs to evolve...

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