Firefox 115 Will Let You Open Links or Search With Middle-Click on New Tab Button

A new Firefox 115 feature will enable middle-click paste of clipboard contents, whether it’s an URL or plain text,...

Fedora Plans to Drop X11 Support in Plasma 6 Completely

The Fedora KDE Plasma spin will boldly move to go all-in on Wayland, dropping X11 when Plasma 6 comes...

CrowdSec Engine 1.5 is officially here!

CrowdSec Engine 1.5 brings you new features, major enhancements, and more control of your security management.

PayPal’s Key-Value Store JunoDB Goes Open Source

PayPal’s JunoDB, the cutting-edge distributed key-value store and critical part of the platform’s infrastructure, is now open source.

Fedora Onyx Approved as Immutable Fedora 39 Spin With Budgie Desktop

Fedora Onyx, an upcoming variant of Fedora featuring the Budgie desktop environment, has been approved for Fedora 39. Learn...

Cloudflare Supports Open-Source Projects With Free Cloudflare Pro Plan

Cloudflare has announced a complete revamp of its sponsorship program that is much more inclusive. Learn more here.

Tux Paint 0.9.30 Adds Support for Sizes to Magic Tools

Highlights of the Tux Paint 0.9.30 release include new re-sizing options for many of the Magic effect tools. Learn...

GSoC 2023 Showcases Promising Linux Projects

Google Summer of Code (GSoC 2023) promises exciting projects across the Linux ecosystem, which will benefit everyone.

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