KaOS Linux 2023.09 Adds KDE Gear 23.08, Focus to Shift on KDE Plasma 6 ISO

Powered by Linux kernel 6.4, KaOS 2023.09 includes the latest KDE Gear 23.08 software suite alongside the KDE Plasma...

Ubuntu 23.10 Beta Released With GNOME 45, Linux Kernel 6.5

Powered by the Linux 6.5 kernel series, the Ubuntu 23.10 beta is now available, launching with the just-release GNOME...

Terraria Devs Support Open-Source Game Engines Over Unity

Terraria developers, Re-Logic, have pledged to support two up-and-coming open-source game engines following Unity's predatory 'Runtime Fee' pricing model.

Linux Foundation jumps into infrastructure-as-code with OpenTofu

Previously OpenTF, OpenTofu aims to create an open, community-driven successor to the Hashicorp Terraform infrastructure-as-code technology. Learn more here.

GNOME 44.5 Improves GNOME Software, Epiphany, More

The GNOME 44.5 point release is here to further improve the GNOME Software package manager. Learn more here.

GNOME 45 Riga Released: Here’s the Best New Features

GNOME 45 “Riga” raises the bar with its core app updates, ensuring a more enjoyable and efficient Linux experience....

Linux LTS Kernels Moves to a 2-Year Support Period

Breaking changes: The Linux LTS (Long Term Support) kernel support will be reduced from six to two years. Learn...

Oracle Cloud Antes Into Generative AI, LLM Game With NVIDIA Chips

Oracle launched something of a bare metal cloud that takes advantage of Nvidia’s H100 Tensor Core GPUs and is...

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