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Linux 5.7 rc7
Linus Torvalds: For the first time in about 15 years, my desktop isn't Intel-based. (May 26, 2020)

Linux 5.6 Debuts with Wireguard Secure VPN for Remote Networking
EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet: New Linux release improves secure remote networking capabilities. (Mar 31, 2020)

Open Source Artificial Intelligence: Leading Projects
Datamation: These leading open source AI projects are producing the artificial intelligence advances of the future. (May 20, 2020)

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Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 20.04.1 LTS Released with New Look and Feel, Cinammon 4.4
(Aug 07, 2020, 14:00) (0 talkbacks)

Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 20.04.1 LTS is now available for download and comes with a bunch of goodies.

AMD Radeon Software for Linux 20.30 Released with Support for Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS
(Aug 07, 2020, 10:00) (0 talkbacks)

AMD Radeon Software for Linux 20.30 is now available with full support for the recently released Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (Focal Fossa) operating system.

Run a Hospital on a Raspberry Pi with GNU Health
(Aug 06, 2020, 13:00) (0 talkbacks)

How to run a hospital using just a raspberry pi with GNU Health.

Renewed Interest in OpenStack Bare Metal Project Ironic, as Software Moves Closer to Hardware
(Aug 06, 2020, 11:00) (0 talkbacks)

As more enterprises move to hybrid cloud, they're relying more and more on provisioning bare metal servers to augment cloud providers' services in order to make their infrastructure cloud neutral.

Ubuntu 20.10 (Groovy Gorilla) Artwork by Sylvia Ritter Looks Astonishing, Made with Krita
(Aug 05, 2020, 15:00) (0 talkbacks)

Slated for release on October 22, the upcoming Ubuntu 20.10 release is codenamed Groovy Gorilla.

Network Policy in Kubernetes
(Aug 05, 2020, 13:00) (0 talkbacks)

How To Rescue Virtual Machines With Virt-rescue
(Aug 05, 2020, 11:00) (0 talkbacks)

Virt-rescue is like a rescue CD, but for virtual machines. This guide describes how to rescue virtual machines with Virt-rescue in Linux.

Linux Kernel 5.8 'The Biggest Release of All Time' is Finally Available Now
(Aug 03, 2020, 14:00) (0 talkbacks)

Linus Torvalds has called it "the biggest release of all time." Check out what the key changes are in the recently released Linux Kernel 5.8.

VMware Hands Control of Kubernetes Ingress Project Contour Over to CNCF
(Jul 29, 2020, 19:00) (0 talkbacks)

Joe Beda, one of its creators, said one reason for the move was reassuring non-VMware developers that Contour's development wouldn't be steered by a single company.

BigBlueButton: Open Source Software for Online Teaching
(Jul 28, 2020, 17:00) (0 talkbacks)

In the crowd of video conferencing tools, BigBlueButton stands out for its focus on providing helpful features tailored for online teaching.

KDE Plasma 5.20 Bringing this Enormous Feature for Wayland
(Jul 27, 2020, 17:00) (0 talkbacks)

The KDE Blog announced this massive feature which is coming to the upcoming KDE Plasma 5.20.

Mozilla Firefox 79 Is Now Available for Download with New Password Export Feature
(Jul 27, 2020, 16:00) (0 talkbacks)

Firefox 79 entered public beta testing at the end of June 2020, shortly after Mozilla launched Firefox 78 as the newest ESR (Extended Support Release) series.

How to set up a CDN node for your websites with only one command using OneClickCDN
(Jul 24, 2020, 10:00) (0 talkbacks)

With the help of OneClickCDN, CDN environment can be set up by running just one command in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 64 bit, Debian 10 64 bit, and CentOS 7/8 64 bit systems.

The Best Linux Distributions for Beginners in 2020
(Jul 24, 2020, 06:00) (0 talkbacks)

There was a time when Linux posed a great deal of complexity for beginners, but no more.

GUADEC 2020 Kicks Off Today as GNOME's First Virtual Conference
(Jul 22, 2020, 17:00) (0 talkbacks)

GUDEC 2020 is the first major Linux conference to switch to an online format.

Tiny Yet Useful: 13 Raspberry Pi Zero Alternatives That Cost Less Than $20
(Jul 22, 2020, 13:00) (0 talkbacks)

Looking for an inexpensive single board computer for your IoT projects? Here are Raspberry Pi Zero like devices that cost less than $20.

Open source champion Microsoft brings Procmon to Linux
(Jul 21, 2020, 19:00) (0 talkbacks)

Historically, Microsoft was an enemy of the open source community. In more recent years, however, the Windows-maker has become an ally. In fact, under the leadership of Satya Nadella, it can be said that Microsoft is now an open source champion! Crazy, right?

How to create Multi-Container Pods in Kubernetes
(Jul 20, 2020, 18:00) (0 talkbacks)

One of the reasons to use a multi-container pod is simpler communication between containers.

Speed up container builds with overlay mounts
(Jul 17, 2020, 06:00) (0 talkbacks)

How Podman can speed up builds for multiple distributions by sharing the host's metadata.

Ubuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine) Reached End of Life, Upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Now
(Jul 16, 2020, 17:00) (0 talkbacks)

Ubuntu 19.10 is not a Long Term Support release so Canonical will no longer provide security and software updates for Ubuntu 19.10 users.

Check which Virtualization Technology is supported by your CPU on Debian 10
(Jul 16, 2020, 10:00) (0 talkbacks)

Whenever you want to install virtualization applications on your Debian system such as KVM, VirtualBox, etc., you should first verify if your system supports virtualization and if it is enabled.

How To Enable Nested Virtualization In KVM In Linux
(Jul 14, 2020, 10:00) (0 talkbacks)

Nested virtualization is a feature that allows to run virtual machines within a VM. This guide explains how to enable nested virtualization in KVM in Linux.

Btrfs to be the Default File System on Fedora? Fedora 33 Starts Testing Btrfs Switch
(Jul 09, 2020, 17:00) (0 talkbacks)

If things go well, you'll have Btrfs as the default file system on Fedora starting with the Fedora 33 release.

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