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Linux 4.14 rc5
Linus Torvalds: Things seem to be finally starting to calm down for 4... (Oct 16, 2017)

Surprise Announcement Changes Container Landscape at DockerCon EU
eWEEK: The Dockercon EU conference was loaded with content and news, including a big Kubernetes announcement. (Oct 22, 2017)

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How to Monitor and Detect Modified Files using Tripwire IDS on Ubuntu 16.04
(Oct 23, 2017, 10:00) (0 talkbacks)

HowToForge: Tripwire is a free and open source Intrusion Detection System (IDS).

How to Enable or Disable SELinux Boolean Values
(Oct 23, 2017, 07:00) (0 talkbacks)

Tecmint: Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is a security mechanism for mandatory access control (MAC) implemented in the Linux kernel.

Install Let's Encrypt and Secure Nginx with SSL/TLS in Debian 9
(Oct 21, 2017, 10:00) (0 talkbacks)

This tutorial will show you how to install and secure a Nginx web server on Debian 9 with a TLS certificate issued for free by the Let's Encrypt Certificate Authority.

DockerCon EU 17 Panel Debates Docker Container Security
(Oct 20, 2017, 14:00) (0 talkbacks)

An eWEEK-moderated panel of container security vendors at the DockerCon EU conference discussed what users need to know and how the vendors differentiate themselves from each other.

What Are the Hidden Files in my Linux Home Directory For?
(Oct 18, 2017, 23:00) (0 talkbacks)

MakeTechEasier: Do you know that your Home directory in your Linux system contains a lot of hidden files and folders?

5 SSH Alias Examples in Linux
(Oct 17, 2017, 10:00) (0 talkbacks)

 Linux users spend a lot of time using SSH commands to log into and control remote systems.

pfSense 2.4 BSD Operating System Debuts with New Installer, Drops 32-Bit Images
(Oct 14, 2017, 06:00) (0 talkbacks)

Based on the latest FreeBSD 11.1 operating system, the pfSense 2.4 release comes with an all-new installer based on bsdinstall and featuring support for the ZFS file system

Security-Oriented OpenBSD 6.2 OS Released with Better ARM Support, Improvements
(Oct 13, 2017, 12:00) (0 talkbacks)

softpedia: OpenBSD 6.2 is here to introduce a large number of enhancements, among which we can mention better support for various ARM board

Q4OS 2.4 "Scorpion" Linux OS Released, Based on Debian GNU/Linux 9.2 "Stretch"
(Oct 12, 2017, 15:00) (0 talkbacks)

After being in development for the past several months, the Q4OS 2 series of the Debian-based OS has been finally materialized as version 2.4, dubbed "Scorpion"

Grafeas Project Debuts to Improve Kubernetes Supply Chain Security
(Oct 12, 2017, 09:00) (0 talkbacks)

eWEEK: New open-source effort backed by Google, IBM, Red Hat and others, launches to provide auditing and governance for the container software supply chain.

Apache Patches Optionsbleed Flaw in HTTP Server
(Oct 09, 2017, 23:00) (0 talkbacks)

eSecurityPlanet: Apache HTTPD 2.4.28 is now available, fixing a vulnerability that could have potentially enabled information disclosure.

10 layers of Linux container security
(Oct 09, 2017, 15:00) (0 talkbacks) Employ these strategies to secure different layers of the container solution stack and different stages of the container lifecycle.

Secure your Android phone data with OpenVPN in 10 minutes
(Oct 08, 2017, 18:00) (0 talkbacks)

This guide shows you how to you how to setup an OpenVPN server and get your phone connected in 10 minutes.

Review by many eyes does not always prevent buggy code
(Oct 06, 2017, 19:00) (1 talkbacks)

There is a view that because open source software is subject to review by many eyes, all the bugs will be ironed out of it.

Setting Up iptables Firewall on Linux with Puppet & Hiera
(Oct 06, 2017, 11:00) (0 talkbacks)

If you need to manage firewalls (or any application, for that matter) cleanly on more than a few servers, configuration management is usually your best bet.

Top 100 security tools for Linux (populated and refreshed weekly)
(Oct 05, 2017, 11:00) (0 talkbacks)

Every week new security tools are being invented.

Widely used DNS forwarder and DHCP server Dnsmasq riddled with flaws
(Oct 03, 2017, 08:00) (0 talkbacks)

Google researchers have discovered seven serious vulnerabilities in Dnsmasq

Secure Coding In Java: Bad Online Advice And Confusing APIs
(Oct 03, 2017, 07:00) (0 talkbacks)

A group of Virginia Tech researchers has analyzed hundreds of posts on Stack Overflow, a popular developer forum/Q&A site, and found that many of the developers who offer answers do not appear to understand the security implications of coding options

Serious Linux kernel security bug fixed
(Oct 02, 2017, 11:00) (0 talkbacks)

ZDnet: Linux server administrators will want to patch their systems as soon as possible.

Secure Your Container Data With Ephemeral Docker Volumes
(Sep 29, 2017, 15:00) (0 talkbacks)

With all the hype around containers and orchestrators it can be easy to lose sight of some of their highly useful features.

How to Audit Linux Process Using autrace on CentOS/RHEL
(Sep 29, 2017, 14:00) (0 talkbacks)

Tecmint: In this article, we will explain how to audit a given process using autrace utility, where we'll analyze a process by tracing the system calls a process makes.

How To Create A VPN Killswitch Using Iptables on Linux
(Sep 29, 2017, 09:00) (0 talkbacks)

Linuxconfig: If you're connected to a VPN, you need a killswitch.

Kubernetes 1.8 Improves Security with Role-Based Access Control
(Sep 29, 2017, 08:00) (0 talkbacks)

eWEEK: Third major release of Kubernetes in 2017 debuts, finally providing stable support for a critical security feature.

What Clarence Birdseye can teach us about container security
(Sep 29, 2017, 04:00) (0 talkbacks)

 What do frozen peas and software have in common?

Google Android and Apple IOS Update for Critical Wi-Fi Vulnerabilities
(Sep 28, 2017, 05:00) (0 talkbacks)

eSecurityPlanet: Months after Broadpwn bug, another set of highly critical cross-operating system Wi-Fi flaws has been patched.

Security Tools to Check for Viruses and Malware on Linux
(Sep 25, 2017, 19:00) (0 talkbacks) Whether you need an antivirus or anti-malware scanner or a tool to hunt for rootkits, Linux has you covered.

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