Open-Source Security Index Lists Top Projects

Two venture investors have launched an index to track the most popular open-source security projects. Learn more here.

Threat Groups Distributing Malware via Google Ads

Security researchers warn that Google Ads are being leveraged to distribute malware to unsuspecting victims searching for software downloads.

Cybercriminals Use VSCode Extensions as New Attack Vector

Aqua Nautilus researchers reported earlier this month that the VSCode editor could be vulnerable to attacks targeting its extensions.

Best Privacy Focused Search Engines of 2023

Check out this list of the best privacy-oriented search engines that help you protect your data and browsing history...

OpenSnitch: A Simple Application Firewall for GNU/Linux

OpenSnitch is an application firewall with a simple graphical interface that allows users to easily accept or deny network...

New Ubuntu Kernel Security Updates Fix 5 Vulnerabilities

The new kernel security updates come only a week after the previous batch, which addressed more than 20 vulnerabilities.

Malware Affects at Least 30 WordPress Plug-Ins: Update Now

At least 30 WordPress plug-ins are being exploited by a pair of Trojans that redirect traffic to infected sites....

PyTorch Poisoned in Software Supply Chain Attack

If you downloaded PyTorch-nightly on Linux via pip between Dec. 25 and Dec. 30, 2022, you've got trouble. Learn...

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