MS SQL Servers Are Getting Hacked to Deliver Ransomware

Cybercriminals wielding the FARGO (aka Mallox, aka TargetCompany) ransomware are targeting MS SQL servers. Learn more here.

Open-Source Software Usage Slowing Down for Fear of Vulnerabilities, Exposures, Risks

While open-source software was created by and for developers, it is now an integral part of commercial software development...

New Linux Malware Shikitega Can Take Full Control of Devices

AT&T Alien Labs has discovered a new Linux malware, Shikitega, that can be used for highly evasive attacks. Learn more here.

Thousands of QNAP NAS devices hit by DeadBolt ransomware

QNAP Systems has provided more information about the latest DeadBolt ransomware campaign targeting users of its network attached storage...

Researchers publish post-quantum upgrade to the Signal protocol

PQShield published a white paper that lays out the quantum threat to secure end-to-end messaging and explains how post-quantum...

Ransomware attacks on Linux to surge

Trend Micro has predicted that ransomware groups will increasingly target Linux servers and embedded systems over the coming years....

GitLab Patches Critical RCE in Community and Enterprise Editions

The widely-used DevOps platform GitLab has released critical security updates for its Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE).

Phishing PyPI Users: Attackers Compromise Legitimate Projects

PyPI, the official third-party software repository for Python packages, is warning about a phishing campaign targeting its users. Learn...

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