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December 2006 Archives

Harbingers for Novell

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A couple of years ago, some pilot friends and I flew up to South Dakota to visit Mount Rushmore. Among the sites we visited while we were in Rapid City was the tour of Ellsworth Air Force Base, where we were allowed to climb down into an intercontinental ballistic missile training silo located on the base.

While the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union has long since faded, it felt more than a little strange being in that training facility, knowing that at one time real-life versions of the huge missile mock-up was trained to rain nuclear death on some Eastern Bloc city.

Politics versus Pragmatism

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I consider myself a pretty easy going guy, but my recent adventures in Linux would lead me to pull my hair out... had not male pattern balding already handled that chore.

It all started Sunday afternoon, when I decided that I would upgrade my laptop from Dapper Drake to Edgy Eft. I had the bandwidth and the time, so I choose to simply edit my sources.list and apt-get the whole thing while watch my football team handily defeat a much weaker defensive team.

That was the plan. But right away things started going wrong.