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January 2007 Archives

Cloak and Dagger

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Serguei Beloussov is one of those people that's always working on something. When you meet him, he gives you the simultaneous impression that you have his full attention and that his brain is churning away solving some other problem. And believe me, the CEO of SWsoft wants to solve a lot of problems.

SWsoft is a software company that is dedicated to creating virtualization software, as well as virtualization management tools for a variety of markets. That's the five-second PR marketing firm synopsis. The more hard-core geek description of the Herndon, VA-based company? SWsoft is going to take virtualization any where it can by any means it can.

There are a series of articles in the Russian IT media covering the case against a principal of a public school in a small village somewhere in the middle of Russia. He is accused of using an unlicensed (some say "pirated", but I don't, for the same reasons as RMS) copies of Microsoft Windows on school's computers, and the penalty could be as high as five years in prison.

I always hate teeny, tiny blog entries. But, what the heck...

Mission Creep

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I found the news of the merger between the Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) and the Free Standards Group (FSG) into the big mongo Linux Foundation quite... interesting. I know many of the players involved in putting this who shebang together, so it is very hard for me to dismiss the LF as yet-another-big-dreams-and-no-follow-through organization (see: KDE League, UnitedLinux, etc.) Still, one can only wonder, when the spin put on most of the media coverage went something like this: "two large Linux organizations have joined forces to battle Microsoft on the desktop."