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November 2007 Archives

You Say It's Your Birthday

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Yeah, that's right, today is my birthday, and how does BKP rock out?

Gift card at the electronics store, baby! That's how I roll...

I stumbled upon Paglo today, which bills itself as The Search Engine for IT according to their website:

Paglo collects data across all IT silos, and indexes it to uncover the relationships between data from different components. Paglo pulls all this data together, and slaps it into shape. A two-pronged shape, to be exact: unstructured and semi-structured. And then hands you a powerful search tool to get what you need out of it.

Spinning a New Kind of Distro

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When Fedora 8 came out last week, the first thing that came to mind was this was the first release of Fedora in recent memory that didn't have some sort of glitch associated with it.

You know the kind: early mirrored versions come out, someone gets wise and then posts it on Digg or Slashdot, people start pulling down ISOs, chaos ensues.

This time, however, there was none of that. Announcements went up, mirror sites snapped on, and Fedora 8's first day was smoothly done.

This may seem like a weird thing to point out, but I think it offers us a glimpse of the overall efficiency that's becoming more of a factor in the Fedora Project overall.

Uptime Case Study from OpenVZ

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Late Friday I got this case study release from the crew over at OpenVZ, which I thought I would share. Because it proves the adage that sometimes the simplest solutions are the slickest solutions.

JunkEmailFilter.com (JEF.com) is one of those third-party vendors that provides clients with active filtering of spam and e-mails that have these things called "vi-ruh-sus" attached. (We in the Linux world might not be so familiar with this strange V-word, but I hear it's a big thing over in Windows-land.)

Covering the Reiser Trial

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The trial of Hans Reiser for the alleged murder of his estranged wife Nina Reiser has two significant factors that make this event unique in my tenure at Linux Today. Which, I must admit, has made it more difficult to decide on how much coverage LT will devote to the trial's proceedings.

Difficult, but not impossible.


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As long-time readers may have guessed, I have more than a little admiration for Mandriva. They stuck it out through financial problems, and (thus far) seem to be standing firm on not entering into some kind of patent-promise arrangement with Redmond.

So I was more than a little curious when François Bancilhon, the CEO of Mandriva, fired a sardonic mortar at Microsoft last week, accusing our favorite proprietary vendor of ruining a deal Mandriva had with Nigeria for 17,000 pre-Mandriva loaded Classmate PCs.