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Paglo: The Search Engine for IT

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I stumbled upon Paglo today, which bills itself as The Search Engine for IT according to their website:

Paglo collects data across all IT silos, and indexes it to uncover the relationships between data from different components. Paglo pulls all this data together, and slaps it into shape. A two-pronged shape, to be exact: unstructured and semi-structured. And then hands you a powerful search tool to get what you need out of it.

I spent some time wandering there site and I see that the are planning on releasing some of their discovery tools under an open source license. The launch date is supposed to be today so we will get a closer look at what they have to offer.


Paglo apparently has the ability to search all your data looking for an inventory of your IT. The purported advantage is that it allows you to unify unstructured data stored in various places. Looks pretty interesting, however I am curious to see the extent of their discovery abilities and how well they can make sense out of  their data.

This is very similar it would seem to Splunk which goes by the tagline: The IT Search Engine. Splunk has also spent a goodly amount of time developing their SplunkBase which helps provide insight into the IT events and objects that they index. Splunk isn't open source, so I am anxious to see if that gives Paglo the advantage in the long-term. In the short term though, Splunk's got a significant head start.

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