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Mac OS Adoption Rising, Linux Desktop Too

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According to a Net Applications Survey Mac adoption rose with an increase to 7.1% of the total market share for web browsers (as in clients not in actual web browsing programs, that's how MarketShare collects OS stats).

Looking at the stats there is also a rise in Linux desktop users who have risen to .63% of the total market a rise of 10% versus the Net Applications reported .57% share Linux held in November.

Desktop Market Share

One interesting side note is that there is no way to account for those users running Windows via Bootcamp or virtual machines (Parallels, VMware). It would be interesting to see what the actual native OS numbers look like. Interestingly both Windows Vista and XP saw rises too, so I have to wonder what is the statistical significance and accuracy of the data or if the multiple OSes on a single machine might have an effect on this.

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