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Novell Acquires Open Source Collaboration Vendor Sitescape

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Novell just announced that they have acquired Sitescape, a collaboration vendor. They make an open source collaboration tool called ICEcore which by their description is...

A single Integrated Collaboration Environment that establishes a collaborative, group workspace of people, teams,functions, tasks, and content all working together to drive effective teamwork to the next level.  And best of all, it comes from a proven software provider with a decade of experience delivering successful team collaboration and real-time communication solutions to leading organizations. Now, take advantage of this expertise in open source collaboration.

ICEcore looks interesting but their is very little action in their open source community (look at their forums). I also see that they were launched on SourceForge in October of last year under the Common Public Attribution License so they may just be getting started. Tying into the OpenSUSE community could spark their momentum though. I would be curious to see if anyone is using ICEcore and if so what is their experience like.

I suspect that the real driver for Novell was the commercial products that Sitescape offers like reason for their interest was for the collaboration products like their web conferencing software, Zon.

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