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Thursday Nuggets: IPTraf, OutWit Hub, Infringement and Terrorism

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SUSEGeek.com has a nice article on IPTraf, the excellent IP traffic monitor for Linux:

"Includes TCP flag information, packet and byte counts, ICMP details, OSPF packet types.

General and detailed interface statistics showing IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, non-IP and other IP packet counts, IP checksum errors, interface activity, packet size counts.

A TCP and UDP service monitor showing counts of incoming and outgoing packets for common TCP and UDP application ports"

Lots of screenshots and help with using it.

Daisy W. says:

"I would like to offer a tip for Linux users. It is called OutWit Hub. It provides the solution to gathering information from multiple webpages quickly. It allows you to save and export scraped data into Excel, SQL or CSV. It is a powerful tool for extracting and organizing data thanks to its data structure recognition, page and image link extraction, RSS feed extraction, email extraction, table and list extraction to list a few. It is a great research tool and I would suggest it to Linux users. You can download it at its website outwit.com or the Mozilla Firefox Add-ons webpage."

Sadly, it is closed-source, but it is a great little research tool and Web scraper.

Sometimes stupid stuff seems to obvious to me that I think it's pointless to counter it. But that's not always true; Brendan Scott weighs in on the ridiculous "infringement funds organised crime/terrorism" meme that keeps getting bandied about as though sensible people should actually pay attention to it:

"Does anyone honestly believe that people who are actively planning to commit mass murder are going to be deterred by a jail sentence for copyright infringement?"

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